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Check the level of Honey and Pollen, the level of Breeding and the General State of each hive. A quick and simple way to care for hives with levels below what is desired.


Group your hives by bee yards. Visualize all the hives of a certain apiary or check weather in the location of each yard. Check all the information you have registered in our App.

hive movesMoves

Registers the transfer of hives between yards, the beginning and end of the activity or the yard of origin and destination.

honey and pollenHoney and Pollen

Record the number of honey frames and the amount of pollen harvested per hive in real time.

feeding hivesFeeding

Record the feeding of your hives with the ability to generate new foods.

health hivesHealth

Record the diseases of your hives and the treatments applied on them, having the capacity to generate new diseases and treatments.

tasks hivesReminders

Define a reminder to alert you to that important task.

hive statisticsStatistics

Check your statistics to extract the information you need.

Swarms hiveSwarms

Register new hives generated by dividing existing ones.

Get our inicial kit for electronic identification of hives and start using our bee app

Prove your hive’s property in case of a robbery thanks to its unique identification. What is yours is yours.

stoler hive

Abeefy is a system of electronic identification of hives through NFC that allows to register everything related to them

These three elements are all you need to enjoy this system

hive app

Download and install the free bee App for Android

hive nfc

Electronic devices that are installed in the hive, light, discreet and without batteries

hive key

An electronic key that guarantees exclusive access to the system

Abeefy is an application for hives based on NFC technology that works by contact identification. Bringing your mobile phone to the hive will access the information stored in the phone. The chips that are inserted in the hive have a unique ID that can not be modified, which will allow you to prove your property with the invoice that we enclose.


Most mobile devices Android

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bee App
identificacion de colmenas

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