How does it work?

Abeefy is an application for hives based on NFC technology that works by contact identification. Bringing your mobile phone to the hive will access the information stored in the phone. The chips that are inserted in the hive have a unique ID that can not be modified, which will allow you to prove your property with the invoice that we enclose.

How are the chips? Can be used as GPS transponder? Do I have to pay a subscription?

The chips that are inserted in the hives are passive, do not require a battery or power supply and are totally isolated. To use our phones we only need to activate the NFC. This system works by proximity and we can do it in airplane mode, without activating the connection to the network or to the internet data. The maximum range of this type of communication is roughly five centimeters, which means that our bees will not be affected by the waves of the phone. At the moment these devices can not be geolocated and you do not have to pay subscription or maintenance. You pay once the euro forever. The next functions of the platform are also included and subscription will only be paid for label printing services with traceability code, ecological footprint or virtual sponsorship. All other benefits such as checking statistics, calculating expenses or generating official official documents are included forever.

Why do I need a key?

Our app only identifies compatible chips that are registered in our system. So that nobody can read your chips using our application we have implemented this security measure. The key will give you access to the hives corresponding to your codes, if you expand your number of hives we update it in our database and you must renew the key, buying a new one or modifying yourself the code of yours, paying a symbolic amount.

Can I buy the labels and use them with the app?

If you try to use other uncoded tags or those of another user, the application will not work. Our application will detect the error and in case of repeating it will stop working. The approximate price of the chip is 1€ per hive, with which our profit is minimal, just for the development of the application and the improvements we are already creating. If you buy labels or NFC devices to work with them and you add the work of coding them you will see that our price is very competitive.

What do I gain with this system?

  • Identify your hives with a standard for only one euro. The identification can be completely hidden.
  • You can use our application as a field notebook, for the most basic or to save all details.
  • You will have all the information of your hives in the palm of your hand at any time.
  • You can organize your visits better without incurring great effort or time.
  • You will save time, you will not have to open hives to know if you have available what you need.
  • You can make proposals for comfort improvements, new functions, etc …
  • You will have free access to the statistics platform and cattle farm book.
  • Automatic filling of official documents will be included soon.
  • And everything you can think of, the more we are, the more we can do.